The Benefits of Offsite Meetings

Triana Room conference table

Triana Room conference table

When it comes to board meetings and weekly brainstorming sessions, many professionals get too comfortable using their office’s conference room. We totally get it—you’ve nested in the room’s best chair, claimed your favorite coffee mug, and pre-saved the office WiFi password.

But the reality is, your mundane meeting room could be stifling creativity, reducing productivity, and putting convenience over stronger collaboration. Fortunately, spicing up your work life with the occasional offsite meeting can kill the monotony of the work week and get employees excited about the topic at hand.

Get Productive

Not only are offsite meetings memorable, but they’re also an excellent way to make your next gathering more effective. In a study conducted by Hilton Worldwide, two-thirds of respondents said that offsite meetings are more productive than those held in-house. Through a different physical location, employees can:

  • create new mental connections

  • feel a stronger sense of focus

  • better retain important information and conversations

Actions Speak Louder

By introducing a shift in setting, you’ll communicate to your employees that you value them and their time. What’s more, being in a new space will give your employees reason to engage with their coworkers in different ways.

Why’s this important? According to the American Psychological Association, happy and healthy employees use less sick time and are more engaged than their unhappy counterparts—costing their employers just $840 per year, compared to a staggering $28,000 per year for the disengaged. Accordingly, if you’re not providing new experiences, fostering positive connections, and valuing your employees, you could be costing your company money.

Go Forth and Congregate


Considering a change of scenery for your next meeting? Grab a room at a coworking space, which has been thoughtfully designed for just that. At Radius, we’ve got two conference rooms, a 25-person classroom space, and shared work spaces throughout all with high-speed fiber internet, whiteboards, and some of the best coffee in town. Besides, it’s hard to beat a 9th floor view of the city’s downtown. As a space built for professionals and entrepreneurs, we’ve got you covered for your next offsite meeting. To schedule a tour or book a room, reach out to us today.